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I have always felt a curiosity about how the different elements within in a room, such as light and colour, work together to create different atmospheres. I enjoy visualising and considering how best to maximise the spaces I am in, from the home to the classroom or public spaces. I am eager to refine this interest by studying Interior architecture or design at university. 

Designing and constructing objects is a real passion of mine. I have dedicated significant time to refining my design, artistic and three-dimensional skills. Studying Art has taught me skills in 2D and 3D drawings which will are central to the planning and drawing in architecture and interior design. Textiles has enabled me to consider how textures, colour’s and patterns can be utilised to create specific designs, tones, and moods to a room. Crucially, studying both subjects has shown me that hitting deadlines and thus good organisation are crucial both in the classroom and in industry.  

I am suitable for this course because as I have a broad range of understanding and knowledge in the field of design and would like to be able to help others by sharing my creative skills and eventually help people to design their home. I know that this would be extremely rewarding, and I want to further develop and expand my knowledge and understanding of the field of interior architecture or design moving forward. 

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